Announcing Workshop

I've created a workshop based on the concept of my book, Expand Your Bubble, to help you learn from other cultures and lifestyles how to design the life you want to live. The first workshop will be in the Boston area in September, details TBA. I’m posting today to gauge geographic interest; if you’d like to see a workshop in your area, please comment or message me. 

How it Works

My life has improved dramatically over the past six years. That doesn’t mean that what works for me will work for you, but therein lies the beauty of this workshop. The whole point of “expanding your bubble” is to learn from other cultures and lifestyles how to live the life that YOU want to live. Your path will likely be much different from mine. This workshop will help you find your path...the rest is up to you. 

Cognitive humans have been around for 60,000 years...whatever problems you’re dealing with today, they’ve ALL been dealt with before. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Learn from the mistakes and successes of others—those who lived 200 years ago and those alive today who happen to live differently from you. 

There are so many ways to do life. Every problem has a million solutions, but when we only interact with people who look and think like us, we only have access to a few of those solutions. 

At the Expand Your Bubble workshop, you’ll meet fascinating guest speakers who will introduce you to exciting new ideas and challenge you to shift your perspective on everything from finances and work to gender identity and marriage. 

What is Included?

We will begin the morning with yoga and meditation, to relax our bodies and open our minds. 

Light, healthy refreshments will be provided throughout the workshop. 

All attendees will receive a copy of Expand Your Bubble

You will leave with practical tools that can immediately be put into use in your own life. 

Learn how to:

  • get out of your bubble and meet people from diverse backgrounds 
  • find and cultivate your tribe
  • connect with people on a deeper level
  • be more authentic
  • recognize that many of your “problems” are not actually problems 
  • utilize positive framing techniques
  • lessen your fear of being judged
  • let go of shame
  • embrace failure 
  • recognize the dangers of perfectionism
  • avoid progress for the sake of progress
  • raise kids who are accepting and respectful of different cultures, races, religions, and lifestyles
  • adopt a more compassionate, tolerant outlook 
  • get more enjoyment and excitement out of life
  • feel less lonely
  • find meaningful work
  • design the life that YOU want to live

If you are interested in a workshop in your area, message me today. 


Amy Carst