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Expand Your Bubble Speaking Tour 2020

with Amy Carst, Human rights Activist

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Expand Your Bubble. Grow Your Passion and Happiness.

Knowledge is formed by our social bubble. As we expand our bubble, we grow our knowledge and gain more tools to tackle life’s problems and lead a happier life. 

Amy Carst shares her inspiring and acclaimed perspective by taking her audience on a journey, not only of travel, but through finding new viewpoints and diverse connections.

Expand your bubble, grow your passion and happiness. By helping others, we help ourselves. By connecting with people from different backgrounds, races, cultures, and lifestyles, we expand our bubble and the resources within it. Every problem has a million solutions, but when we only spend time with people who look and think like us, we only have access to a few of those solutions. The more solutions we have to problems, the less difficult life becomes. When life feels easier and less restrictive, we have the time and confidence to choose what we want. When we are the architects of our own lives, life is exciting. When life is exciting, we are happier.


"The first time I heard Amy Carst speak, I sat right on the edge of my chair.

She is very direct and has the facts to make you feel like you have been all over the world yourself.

No baloney - just the unbelievable real world and what needs to be done one step at a time."

- David Almond

Malayaka House

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"Amy Carst has confidence, gets to the point without unnecessary emotion while creating an
intimate feeling with her audience. She's a very persuasive speaker"
- Jenny Marshall, Houston

Carst Bio

Amy Carst is a writer, human rights activist, and speaker.
Her life changed when she met her mentor, Robert Fleming, in 2012. Fleming, the founder of the Malayaka House orphanage in Entebbe, Uganda, invited her to bring her family of five to meet his family of 50. Despite warnings from friends and family not to make the “dangerous” trip to Africa, Amy and her then 10 year old daughter hopped on a plane only weeks later. Since that first trip to Uganda, Amy has been to Africa multiple times, even living there with her family for several months.
She has traveled to Bosnia, Albania, Turkey, Croatia, all over Western Europe, the UAE, and Jordan. In fact, she recently visited the al Zataari refugee camp to interview Syrian refugees, and is working closely with refugee resettlement programs throughout the United States.
Since Amy’s introduction to Malayaka House, she has met fascinating people from every corner of the world who have opened her eyes, and ears, to new ways of living. She has found a deep sense of purpose and a passion for life that she never believed possible. She was able to leave a job she hated to pursue her dream of writing and traveling.
Amy believes the lack of purpose and passion in western society has reached epidemic proportions. We have the capacity and resources to end suffering around the world, but we are too distracted by material “needs”, social media, the mainstream media, instant gratification, a fear of “others”, and a collective depression (brought on by all of the above) to take action. We view ourselves as powerless cogs when, in fact, our strength knows no bounds. We are too numb, too complacent, too depressed to take action. Yet, taking action is the one thing that will make the numbness, the complacency, and the depression disappear.
Expand your bubble, be happier. It’s not hard to do, and it’s SO much fun!

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Expand your bubble, be happier. It’s not hard to do, and it’s SO much fun!